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The winter starts at Uttarkashi in late October which extends upto late March, of which December & January are extreme cold during which snow fall may also occur. April to Mid June & the month of October is the most pleasant time at Uttarkashi. It rains very heavily from July to September.


Heavy woolens in winter and light woolens in summer. Raincoat & Umbrella are must during rainy season.

Best time to visit

Round the year


Hindi, Garhwali

What to buy

Handmade clothing, mat, pullovers,


We don’t recommend to drive in night hours in hilly-curved roads. especially in fog, indistinct objects like animals & heavy loaded trucks suddenly appear on the road in the bends.

Keep adequate fuel in your vehicle, you won’t find filling stations in every mile and usually fuel canters close till 7 in the evening.

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